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EdemaWear® is a stockinet utilizing a new textile technology, Longitudinal Yarn Compression (LYC). In clinical trials, LYC appears to be superior to existing compression products. LYC textile has a fuzzy nexus with the skin that allows for yarn focused compression of the subcutaneous fat and healing of the skin. Learn more about LYC.

Clinical Trials suggests EdemaWear®:

  • Controls swelling of all types.
  • Controls Lymphedema by enhancing lymphatic function in the subcutaneous fat below the skin of the lower and upper extremities:
    • Venous insufficiency - a condition where the veins of the lower extremity cannot return blood to the heart.
    • After lymph node removal - for example after surgery for breast cancer or melanoma, resulting in extremity edema.
    • In congestive heart failure - a condition where the heart is unable to pump blood effectively leading to lower extremity edema.
  • Enhances wound healing in surgical and traumatic wounds of the extremities and torso.
  • Enhances the clearing of venous stasis pigment in chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Enhances the clearing of venous stasis dermatitis.
  • Hastens the reabsorption of traumatic bruises.
  • Improves the late cosmetic appearance of skin grafts.
  • Improves perfusion and healing of ischemic limbs.

How EdemaWear® is Packaged

Size SMALL:  Each Unit Contains Two – 22” Stockinets
Small fits an Arm, or Ankle to Knee, up to 18” Circumference
$13.10 per pair

Size MEDIUM:  Each Unit Contains One – 34” Stockinet
Medium fits an Arm, or Ankle to Thigh, up to 30” Circumference
$15.40 each

Size LARGE:  Each Unit Contains One – 24” Stockinet
Large fits Knee to Thigh in individuals more than 300 lbs. and Torso of an individual up to 250 lbs., up to 46" Circumference
$22.50 each

Kumagai Closed-Toe Stockinet™

EdemaWear® stockinet with one end serge closed.

Size SMALL: Each Unit Contains Two – 22” Stockinets
Small fits Toes to Knee up to 18” in Circumference
$21.30 per pair

Size MEDIUM: Each Unit Contains One – 34” Stockinet
Medium fits Toes to Thigh up to 30” in Circumference
$21.30 each